The Top 5 Tax-Saving Strategies You Are Missing Out On Today

The Top 5 Tax-Saving Strategies You Are Missing Out On Today

About this webinar

[>> GREAT NEWS: This event is now California CLE certified! Learn about tax savings and satisfy one hour of CLE requirements at the same time!

Does this sound familiar?

You have an ongoing problem that aggravates you more and more every year: you are paying far too much in taxes.

You may just be doing the basics, or you’ve done everything you know to do to mitigate the problem. You may have invested in tax-deferred accounts, meticulously tracked expenses, and have kept every single receipt. You may have also recorded every mile you drive for business, and even for volunteer work. You’ve claimed every deduction you know of, but you’re still forking over way too much of your hard-earned cash over to Uncle Sam.

Your accountant shares your frustration, but assures you that everything possible has been done to minimize your tax liability.

But unless your accountant is in the 99th percentile, he/she is likely wrong about that.

What this event will cover

Welcome to the world of Christina Lael — a true one percentile Strategic Tax Planner, Tax Attorney, and CPA. During this event you will learn the following:

Why I love working with business owners and entrepreneurs

How entrepreneurs are killing 20%-50% of their profits

Why Strategic Tax Planning is more important than ever since taxes are likely to increase due to Covid-19

Why CPAs aren’t using advanced tax strategies

5 clever strategies you can implement right away to save up to $1,000’s in taxes

How much you could save with Strategic Tax Planning

And much more

All you need to do

ALL YOU NEED TO DO is click the “Register” button and complete the simple and free registration for this event. Make sure to bring a pencil/pen and some paper because we’re going to be going over some amazing information that you’ll regret not writing down.

About Christina

Christina Lael is a Certified Public Accountant, an attorney, a Certified Tax Planner, and a self-proclaimed “tax nerd.” She reads case law like some people binge-watch Netflix and gets excited when she discovers anything new.

Apart from spending time with her family and playing golf, nothing gives her more pleasure than seeing the reaction her clients have when she demonstrates how much their new tax plan will save them. She is positively obsessed with helping attorneys structure their businesses in a way that legally saves them the maximum in taxes, funds their retirement accounts quicker, and avoids astronomical taxes when/if they sell.

Christina is a frequent guest on popular podcasts, frequently speaks on changes in tax regulations, and is a popular instructor for several continuing education providers. She lives in Fort Myers, FL with her husband. <<]

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